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Arc 1: The Spirit Bloodline

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Arc 1: The Spirit Bloodline

Post by Annabella Necowl on Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:24 pm

"Some things you just have to take a fate of leap with, cause if you don't you may just find a moment in life that takes it's toll on you because you doubted too much."

"You just don't understand what its like to have skills that could hep people then just being forced to just sit back and do nothing cause you were told to!" Anna growled at her mother who looked at her blankly as she sat on the couch next to Adam who had his homework on his lap. "You just don't understand me!" She said in a huff as she turned on her heel to leave.

"Honey...." Her mother said then making her pause. "You're sounding super emo again, or at least what try hard emo kids try to sound like, mind trying to fix that?" She said with a straight face as Anna shouted in annoyance and walked off in a huff. Adam looked up to his mother then raising his eyebrow. "When are you gonna tell her about your past?"

His mother slowly moved her attention from the exit Anna left through to Adams homework. "Never.... I only told you cause you found my old gear in my closet last Christmas...." She said looking over his work. "But maybe she'd like you more if you told her...." He said with a frown making his mother sigh shaking her head. "Adam... I want her to like me for who I am now... Not who I was.... Besides-"

She took his pencil and erased some answers he put and handed him the pencil back. "-she wants to think I'm mean because she doesn't want to admit that I'm right when I tell her shes throwing away her youth when she goes out and fights those people.... Until she can accept what I tell her she'll keep hating me... I'd tell her my past but I want her to figure out all of this out by either listening to me or through what I have said..."

"If I tell her my past it would just scare her.... about more things than just the truth." He blinked looking at her. "But it didn't scare me..." She nodded "That's because you take after your father... she takes after me... she's more likely to react the way I did when i realized everything my mother hid from me that I had angered..." She tapped his homework. "Now redo 7-9 you divided them wrong thus throwing off the rest of the answer."

Adam looked down and frowned. "Why can't I just use a calculator to divide? Everyone else does in class...." She pat his head then "That's because calculators are for quitters, and you're no quitter." She said with a grin making him look unamused. "This is just because I failed that last math test isn't it....?" She nodded booping his nose. "Sure is kiddo!" He then grumbled and went back to work.

His mother glanced to the window seeing Anna fall to the ground with a roll from her window from upstairs and run off down the street wearing her gear. She narrowed her eyes then as she got up and grabbed her hat from the table beside the couch and put it on and put 20 dollars down on it. "You may order what ever you want but only 1 desert item got it?"

Adam's face lit up nodding "Got it!" He reached for the money but she grabbed his hand lightly. "After... you attempt those 3 questions..." He sighed but pulled his hand back when she let go. "Fine..." She then walked over to the front door and opened it. "Bed time is at 10 in case we take that long... If I catch you up any later then I'm waking you up at 3 am to re-go over your homework..." He tensed at the thought but nodded "Got it...." he said quietly before she left closing the door.

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Re: Arc 1: The Spirit Bloodline

Post by Annabella Necowl on Tue Sep 20, 2016 2:41 pm

"Sometimes you just get hurt though not due to doubt.... but due to misplaced anger. or blame. Sometimes you feel a certain way towards someone... and that feeling makes you forget how to take their word or believe them... and that is what leads you to the toll booth."

A little girl skips around giggling happily as sh wondered around the streets of the city while the sun as slowly setting for the day.

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